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Why Work With a PPC Management Agency?

It takes a professional touch to make an ad campaign work PIT initiates and manages PPC ads so that you can focus on your growing business. PPC marketing is an ongoing process and PIT has a team of professionals working diligently on each campaign, optimizing them for greater success. Imagine exhausting ad revenue every day without getting anything substantial in return. This is a reality for many companies. Did you know that 46% of all clicks on Google’s first page go to the top three pay-per-click (PPC) ads? This means that if your campaign fails to capture attention, it might just lose a click. A professional pay-per-click management agency will audit your current campaigns and initiatives and provide a multi-channel solution. This way, you can grow steadily, systematically and holistically.

E-commerce PPC Management

E-commerce is an essential part of online shopping. Shopping ads target customers with a strong buyer’s intent. They must also have fewer steps so that customers can click through, view and easily check out their product. As an e-commerce PPC agency, we help you create PPC ads that target the right customers.

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Google Ads Management Services

Google is the number one search engine, meaning that most potential customers find your business through Google searches, hence knowing how to run an effective Google campaign is essential for online businesses. PIT is a Google Ads management company. We do everything from creating the ad copy to setting your PPC campaigns for success.

Keyword Search

We will research keywords based on your business. Our Main goal is to carry out the best keyword optimization means get more CTR (Click Thought Rate). For example, your business is a plumber service in London. So, First keyword we target is plumber service. Best PPC Packages include keyword research and selection 250 to 1000 and also depends on your requirement Customise PPC Costs.

Bid Setup

We will set up Bid and competitor base. We not only research price wise, but also check competition based on the keyword. Our bidding may be manual or automatic. Our Pay per click Packages are the main difference in the client's monthly budget. Our Client Business Pay per Click Monthly Budget is £500 to £2000 or Whole Budget. Our Bid Strategy Focuses on Click and Maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) Bidding.

Text Ads

Text Ads research competitor's title and description. We will mainly focus on Title and description, including services or products, Phone number, short introduction of business. We will adjust text ads character limits. We will do text ads as per Google Adwords guidelines. Customer clicks on ads and convert into sales. We will also check Common mistakes, experiment, landing and Main keywords.

Ads Scheduling

Scheduling Ads means Monday to Friday, Only Saturday and Sunday and Time Frame Setup. For Example, your business is a restaurant, then your ads are scheduled on Saturday and Sunday because of people are crazy for food on holidays. Ads Scheduling setup depends on client business, location and category industries. We also set specific time frames like morning, evening, AM and PM as well.

Geo Targeting

Client has small, medium and big business. For example, if you provide services in the only London City, so target only London City with radius base, radius and multi-location target. Some client provides online products UK Wide or specific country. So, we target Mostly UK cities. If someone provides online services, then we target world-wide. Geo Targeting is City, Country, Areas, Territories and State.

Landing Page

We will set up landing page for particular products and services. Some clients have lot's of products, then we target product base landing page. We will optimise relevant, original content, customer easy understandable, easy to navigate and Destination URL. We will constantly check quality score, Ad Rank and position. Our affordable PPC Management Packages are main different number of landing page target.

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